Weight Management : 10 Ways to Keep Fit This Winter

By Jayson Kroner
It should come as a surprise to no one that the holiday season is one of the most notorious for weight gain. Holiday gatherings, indoor seclusion and a social acceptance that “everyone gains weight this time of year” mentality can all contribute to bulging winter waistlines.
Aside from the unmistakable eyesore that this can quickly generate, there’s more at stake than simply appearance when it comes to rapid holiday weight gain. Sudden increases have been linked to increased fatigue, mood disorders, poor digestion and diminishing sexual performance—not to mention more dangerous conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and others. The following list represents ten things you can do this winter to keep firm and fit.
Celebrate moderately
There’s simply no need to gorge on every snack you can get your hands on, just because there’s snow on the ground. Use moderation with everything you consume and you’ll be in much better shape, literally.
Establish an indoor exercise routine
This doesn’t need to be extravagant by any means. Instead, get in the habit of doing 10-15 minutes of anything that generates a respectable sweat. This can serve as an ideal way to get the most out of television commercials.
Weigh yourself daily
Okay, so this one might be a little terrifying to some, but it’s still a great way to keep an eye on your weight. If things don’t keep at a comfortable plateau, you’ll be reminded of it daily.
Drink Water
Too many health-conscious individuals abandon their water drinking habits as soon as the mercury starts to plummet. Big mistake. Your body could care less if the sun’s shining, and relies on water to stay energized and healthy. Drink up!
Up your Enzyme intake
The cold weather months are notorious for junk food, alcohol and sugar benders. And keeping in mind that we’re not digestively programmed to make sense of these goodies, the need for additional enzyme support takes center stage.
Find an outdoor hobby
The onslaught of snow that blankets our fair city can make for some very challenging resistance walks, winter hikes and driveway maintenance. And it makes no difference which way your decision fares. Just get out there are keep active!
Take the Stairs
Skip the elevator and get some exercise by taking the stairs.
Set realistic Resolutions
Come January, don’t commit yourself to some unrealistic weight loss tier, completing and Ironman, or swimming Lake Michigan from Diversey Harbor to the shores of New Buffalo. Historically speaking, you’ll fail. Think small and moderate and attainable.
Get the family involved
Increasing your family time together does more than foster internal bonds. It keeps you moving, motivated and continually on the go - a key element in burning calories. 
Keep a diet and exercise journal  
Logging your meals and exercise times can be a great motivator to stay fit throughout the testing winter months. Come summer, you’ll appreciate how far ahead of yourself you actually are.